About us

Elektromatik Power Generation AB is situated in Örnsköldsvik where Sales, Construction, Work Shop, Testing and Parts&Service are all situated. In our factory in Örnsköldsvik all our solutions are designed and built. We have our own testing facility where we test all generator sets and we are happy to invite you for a Factory Acceptance Test when we are testing your equipment.

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Design Department

In our Design Department all our solutions are born. Project Managers work together with our Mechanical and Electrical Designers to create solutions that are perfect for you as a customer.

Our Own Work Shop

In Örnsköldsvik we have our own work shop that is equipped for producing complete backup power solutions. With a mix of experienced as well as newly recruited personnel our solutions are up to date and always built with experience.

Test Cell

We have one of the best test cells for Backup Power, with the ability to test generator sets up to 1600kVA as standard. If larger generator sets are to be tested we add a load bank suitable for the solution. Prior to sending the components to our customers they are all tested according to customer requirements and legislations.